Artisan Food Subscriptions + Tea! The Farmer's Market comes to you!!

Artisan Food Subscriptions + Tea! The Farmer's Market comes to you!!

Something new and delicious that ticks many gifting boxes this season is a unique offering - Artisan Bread Subscriptions from  BC farmers Sue Grant & John Byrnes located in West Sechelt.

So many options but so simple and practical.  Choose from a selection of artisan breads and add low sugar high fruit artisan jams made on the farm. You decide how many, how often and can have it delivered. Always community focused John & Sue make, bake and grow and sell all season long at the Sechelt Farmer's & Artisans Market and Roberts' Creek Farmer's Market. Usually ending their season with a multitude of Winter Markets where their baking and jams are in high demand. Sadly the pandemic has reduced the opportunity to sell through  seasonal channels. A bread subscription was always an idea on the back burner for The Farm but this year it's a necessity! Keeping the flow of healthy food products for their regulars as well as  seasonal customers by subscription...brilliant! Luckily Sue is a big fan of our teas and invited us to included an selection of our most popular blends of our loose leaf tea blends in 50g (20 servings) as an add on to any weekly box. 

DBT Co. teas can be added to any week of the subscription as a one time item - like The Farms unique and flavour full jams that are packed with fruit. Have your tried their Strawberry Earl Grey Jam or Raspberry Chocolate? How about the Cardamon Quince or Rhubarb Vanilla?  There are a few options: from simple to jamtastic!! Add more items when you know you will have more guests or add items on your subscription to gift to your family and friends without leaving your home. It's like going to the farmers market but instead the Farmer's Market comes to you! You can even buy a subscription as a gift to your family who lives in Gibsons, Robert's Creek, Davis Bay, Sechelt, Halfmoon Bay (and most places on the Sunshine Coast, BC) from anywhere in the world!! What senior or health conscious local wouldn't be thrilled with a weekly delivery of The Farm's breads...and once and a while add on of tea, jam or vegan sausages!! 

Check out the Subscription Boxes at and get your order in today!! And don't forget to add tea!!

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