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Tea Spoons- Perfect Tea Measures

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Simple and useful items for the perfect cup/pot of tea every time. Stainless steel with stamped handle. Nicely weighted - not at all flimsy. Choose from perfect cup or perfect pot measures. Tuck into a tea gift or keep it for yourself. Note that some of our tea gift boxes, monthly subscriptions and other gift packages may include one already - so be sure to check those great value bundles too.

Choose from two sizes:

Cup - 1 cup of perfect tea for single serving stamped "1 cup of perfect tea" on handle. Measures  3cm (1.25")  diameter x 12.5cm long (5")

Pot- 3-4 cups for teapot size servings that is stamped "1 pot of perfect tea" on handle. Measures 4.5cm (1.75") diameter x 16cm long (6.5")