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Canadian Breakfast Blend

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Premium grade breakfast blend with full leaf teas from classic tea regions: Assam, Ceylon, Nilgiri, Sumatra, Darjeeling and China teas. A multicultural blend...truly Canadian. Contains caffeine.

Description:  Blend #20 A classic, premium aromatic breakfast blend with pleasant spicy notes. Enjoy on it's own or with milk and honey either way it's a perfect tea for everyday tea moments.

Taste: Upbeat, summery, fragrant, with mild tartness

Blend #74 

Category: Tisane  (infusion of fruits, roots, flowers, leaves or herbs but containing no camellia sinensis and therefore not classified as tea)

Caffeine: None

Highlights: Blue cornflowers, hibiscus and delicious blackberry flavouring

Sugars: Natural, none added

Colour: Ruby red

Steep time: 5-8 minutes 

Serving size: 1 heaping teaspoon per 300ml water or to taste